Ventilation System Mold Remediator
Ventilation System Mold Remediators (VSMR) have undergone training that ensures an understanding of basic microbiological contamination, project assessment, and how to apply NADCA and other industry standards. and passed a rigorous examination that tests complete understanding of basic microbiological agents, how to perform project assessment, and the proper application of industry guidelines and standards. ASCS and/or CMR certification is a prerequisite for VSMR certification.
The CVC is NADCA’s newest certification, and the first exam will be administered in 2011 at the 22nd Annual Meeting & Exposition. In order to take the exam, the CVC Exam Application must be completed and returned to NADCA Headquarters. The exam may not be taken until an individual completes the CVC Exam Application. Individuals interested in the CVC exam should also review the Candidates Guide for CVC
Click here for the CVC Exam Application
Click here for the Candidates Guide for CVC